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1. General provisions

Please be sure to get familiar with this document before participating in Adex Capital investment or partnership programmes: by registering an account at you irrevocably accept the terms and conditions of this User Agreement. Based on this text, you will be able to evaluate your readiness to participate in the programmes and to form your personal vision of investments with Adex Capital.

This Agreement shall be concluded between users of website and Adex Capital Limited represented by the General Director, Ewan Giles. This document shall regulate the procedure for cooperation of Parties hereto, set the internal rules for clients and partners, include mutual obligations of participants and contain other information on the service operation.

2. Company and privileges of clients

Adex Capital team is engaged in creation of super-efficient trading models and algorithms, IT-development of robotic programmes for automated trading, technical analysis of large cryptographic data and in-depth research of cryptographic industry trends. Adex Capital Limited is officially registered in the register of legal entities of Great Britain with permission to conduct financial transactions.

Do you live in London or are you here on a stopover? We are open for private meetings with VIP clients: please visit our client office for VIP clients and business partners: 27 Old Broad Street, London, England, EC2N 1HT. Contact us in advance by email at and we will arrange a convenient time for your appointment. Besides, for our best partners and status clients we are ready to organise a two-day business weekend with a corporate guide and intercontinental flight on a business jet.

3. Client at Adex Capital platform

Participation in special programmes of the company requires the client to make important decisions and take responsibility for their finances, so you must be 18 years old before you can gain investment experience with Adex Capital Limited.

Our clients may require a basic knowledge of trading and cryptocurrency technologies, as well as the practice of electronic money transfers to input or output profits to / from their purse. Please contact our support team if you have any difficulty with competence in these matters and we will be happy to explain how it works in a simple and accessible way.

4. Protection and confidentiality

Ensuring the security of the Adex Capital platform and customer personal data at all stages of cooperation is a significant task for our team. The architecture of the site code and our trading programmes does not allow intruders to penetrate into the system or otherwise get into the code structure. We professionally protect Adex Capital from third parties and reliably resist external threats, DDOS attacks and other criminal activities.

We respect customer privacy, so we only process personal information about you that is necessary for the proper functioning of the platform: for example, cookies, without the transfer of which you will not be able to navigate correctly on the site, or registration and other data needed for the interaction between us. We only store and use your confidential information via an encrypted ssl-connection, and never share it with third parties.

5. Risks, warranty and liability

Adex Capital Limited’s area of business is a high-risk area of financial activity, so you should be prepared for unexpected results. We bring our users ultra-high profits on a regular basis and our customers are ready to take responsibility for force majeure or unstable conditions in the cryptocurrency market. The Company does not guarantee the declared profit in case of unforeseen circumstances. Adex Capital Limited responsibly creates the necessary conditions for user access to Adex Capital investment and partnership programmes with extended customer support. We constantly develop private capital management technologies under the supervision of experienced risk managers to reduce the probability of crisis factors.

6. Reputation protection

In order to protect the brand reputation and maintain the company’s goodwill among an unlimited number of potential Adex Capital users, customers are prohibited from posting negative materials about the platform on any public online platforms, monitors, video hostings and other sites, including The violator’s account will be permanently blocked along with the deposit made without possibility to recover the account or to return the blocked funds.

7. Settlement of disputes

Are you dissatisfied with the decision of the corporate internal disputes commission or the results of the consultation with the company representative? Write a complaint to with a detailed description of your position on this issue and we will certainly consider it individually. The resolution of disagreements at the highest level shall be through formal judicial proceedings.

8. Conclusion

The present User Agreement may be added without prior notification of clients.