New investment offers, affiliate program and promotional materials

Aug 3, 2022 14:00

Dear investors and partners!

We continue to improve the functionality of the platform and offer new opportunities for investment and development of the affiliate program.

The following investment offers are available for you now:
0.06% hourly for 240 hours (1.44% daily return)
0.09% hourly for 480 hours (2.16% daily return)
0.12% hourly for 720 hours (2.88% daily return)
0.175% hourly for 960 hours (4.2% daily return)

Earn even more on the affiliate program, it is now: 2.5%-0.8%-0.4%

We've developed for you new promotional materials for the affiliate program. Update your libraries of promotional materials and work even more effectively with affiliates.

For your security, we strongly recommend you use complex passwords and PIN codes. Never use a PIN that matches your password.

Thank you for your trust, we will continue to improve our service.

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