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Start working with Adex Capital: Quick start and first profit Main questions

To become a full member of the platform, you need to register an account at using your email. Explore investment offers and open a deposit on convenient terms; immediately after depositing funds the deposit will be activated and your account balance will be replenished with profit every day!

Wait until the amount on your balance exceeds the minimum threshold for withdrawals and instantly withdraw your earned money to your wallet. Tell your friends about your success and earn 25% from each invited investor deposit!

Registration: Personal profile in 60 seconds Main questions

Fill in the registration form with your username, email and a safe password to enter your personal profile. Be sure to specify your email address that you have access to, it will be required to confirm the withdrawal or recover the password. Complete the registration by clicking “Create account”.

Payment systems: more than 18 ways to deposit and withdraw money Main questions

More than 25 payment systems and popular coins are integrated into our platform. Currently, we accept Tether (TRC-20, ERC-20, BEP-2), USDCoin (TRC-20, ERC-20, BEP-2), Binance USD (ERC-20, BEP-2), Bitcoin (BTC, BEP-20, BEP-2), Ethereum (ETH, BEP-20, BEP-2), Solana, Cardano (ADA, BEP-20, BEP-2), Binance Coin (BNB, BSC), Litecoin, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Polygon (MATIC), Tron, Stellar, XRP, NEO, Zcash, Polkadot (BEP-20), Chainlink (BEP-20, ERC-20), FTXToken (ERC-20), Uniswap (BEP-20, ERC-20), Terra, Wrapped Luna (ERC-20), ApeCoin (ERC-20) and Dash as well as fiat money via PerfectMoney or NixMoney payment service. Right now we are working on the implementation of additional services for making fast payments.

About risks: Warranty and Liability Main questions

Adex Capital Ltd’s area of business is a high-risk area of financial activity, so you should be prepared for unexpected results. We bring our users ultra-high profits on a regular basis and our customers are ready to take responsibility for force majeure or unstable conditions in the cryptocurrency market. The company does not guarantee the declared profit in case of unforeseen circumstances. Adex Capital Ltd responsibly creates the necessary conditions for user access to Adex Capital investment and affiliate programs with extended customer support. We constantly develop private capital management technologies under the supervision of experienced risk managers to reduce the probability of crisis factors.

Customer support: 24/7 online consulting Main questions

Didn’t find the answer to your question or just want to learn more about us in private? Contact our support team by email at, via the feedback form. We will be happy to advise you on any questions in a simple and accessible form.

Restoring access to your personal profile Dashboard

Click “Forgot password?” in the profile log-in window, enter your e-mail that you used for signing up on the platform and then click “Restore”. We will forthwith send you a letter with a link to the profile access restoration page. Please follow the link and specify your new safe password.

Account settings: Log-in password change Dashboard

Open the account settings by choosing “Settings” in the profile menu. Enter your valid password in the field “Current password” and then specify a new safe password for account log-in. Save the changes by clicking “Change password”.

My wallets: Adding details Dashboard

Specify the valid wallets for withdrawing funds at the “Wallets” page. Please note that a Destination tag or Memo may be required for some cryptocurrencies. If you use Google Authenticator, please confirm the action with a token from within the app.

Account balance. How to top up? Investments

Click "Top up" in the account menu on the Dashboard page.

Select the currency you want to deposit. Next, select the payment system or cryptocurrency you want to pay with. Enter the amount you want to top up.

In case you choose fiat money to pay, the browser will automatically redirect you to the payment system website for the transfer confirmation. In order to pay the investments by coin, we will provide you with one of the official cryptocurrency addresses of Adex Capital and the precise amount to perform the transaction.

Start investing: How to open a deposit? Investments

In order to proceed to the opening of a deposit, click “Invest” on the “Dashboard” page.

Select the currency you want to invest in. Then select an investment plan by studying conditions of each offer and check how much profit your deposit is going to yield immediately after the activation, in a day or upon expiry of the selected plan period.

Please select a payment type: via external e-currency, cryptocurrency or account balance. If you have selected “e-currency or cryptocurrency”, please select a payment system or cryptocurrency from the list available for the selected currency. Enter the amount to invest in the selected currency and click "Pay".

In case you choose fiat money to pay, the browser will automatically redirect you to the payment system website for the transfer confirmation. In order to pay the investments by coin, we will provide you with one of the official cryptocurrency addresses of Adex Capital and the precise amount to perform the transaction.

Deposit activation: Automatic mode Investments

The activation of the deposit paid via PerfectMoney or NixMoney shall take place immediately after the payment. Your transaction needs to be confirmed in the network (usually within 15 minutes or faster) in order to automatically activate your cryptocurrency deposit.

Limits: Minimum deposit amount Investments

You can become an investor in the platform by opening a deposit of only $10, which is the minimum threshold to start earning on Adex Capital.

Investment control: My deposits and transactions Investments

Manage your investments and track your transactions in your personal profile: all the necessary information to monitor your assets is displayed on the “Deposits” and “Transactions” pages.

Money withdrawal: Safe and at any time Income

Click “Withdraw” at the “Dashboard” page in order to proceed to the money withdrawal from the account balance. Select the currency to withdraw funds. Select a payment system or cryptocurrency in accordance with the selected currency. Enter the amount to withdraw, it must not exceed the amount available on the account balance. If you have not previously saved any wallets for withdrawal, please provide the withdrawal address and a Destination tag or Memo when required. If you use Google Authenticator, confirm the withdrawal with a token from the app.

Withdrawal limits: Minimum amounts and withdrawal fees Income

You may withdraw any amount starting from 1.5 USD from the account balance to your wallet unlimited number of times and with low fees.

The minimum amount for withdrawal in a cryptocurrency is 0.001 BTC, 0.02 LTC, 30 DOGE, 5 XRP, 0.005 BCH, 0.02 DASH, 0.02 ZEC, 1 ETC, 20 TRX and 2 XLM.

Current withdrawal fees:
PerfectMoney (Instant) - 1%
NixMoney (Instant) - 0.5%
Tether TRC-20 (Instant) - 0.25 USDT
Tether BEP-2 (Manual) - 0.04 USDT
Tether ERC-20 (Instant) - 1 USDT (dynamic)
USDCoin TRC-20 (Instant) - 0.25 USDC
USDCoin BEP-2 ([withdraw_mode:usdcoin_bep-2_usdc]) - 0.04 USDC
USDCoin ERC-20 (Instant) - 1 USDC (dynamic)
Binance USD BEP-2 (Manual) - 0.04 USDT
Binance USD ERC-20 (Instant) - 1 BUSD (dynamic)
Bitcoin BTC (Instant) - 0.00005 BTC
Bitcoin BEP-20 (Instant) - 0.000001 BTC
Bitcoin BEP-2 (Manual) - 0.000001 BTC
Ethereum ETH (Instant) - 0.00038325 ETH (dynamic)
Ethereum BEP-20 (Instant) - 0.0001 ETH
Ethereum BEP-2 (Manual) - 0.0001 ETH
Solana (Instant) - 0.000005 SOL
Cardano ADA (Manual) - 0.25 ADA
Cardano BEP-2 (Manual) - 0.03 ADA
Binance Coin BNB (Instant) - 0.000075 BNB
Binance Coin BSC (Instant) - 0.0001 BNB
Litecoin (Instant) - 0.001 LTC
Dogecoin (Instant) - 1 DOGE
Shiba Inu BEP-20 (Instant) - 5000 SHIB
Shiba Inu ERC-20 (Manual) - 107649 SHIB (dynamic)
Polygon (Instant) - 0 MATIC
Tron (Instant) - 0 TRX
Stellar (Instant) - 0.0001 XLM
Ripple (Instant) - 0.00002 XRP
NEO (Instant) - 0 NEO
Zcash (Instant) - 0.004 ZEC + 4%
Dash (Instant) - 0.0005 DASH
Polkadot BEP-20 (Instant) - 0.002 DOT
Chainlink BEP-20 (Instant) - 0.003 LINK
Chainlink ERC-20 (Instant) - 0.1765 LINK (dynamic)
FTXToken ERC-20 (Manual) - 0.0618 FTT (dynamic)
Uniswap BEP-20 (Instant) - 0.005 UNI
Uniswap ERC-20 (Instant) - 0.2725 UNI (dynamic)
Terra (Instant) - 0.005 LUNA
Wrapped Luna ERC-20 (Manual) - 37961.548 LUNA (dynamic)
ApeCoin ERC-20 (Manual) - 0.2365 APE (dynamic)

The fee is subject to change, depending on the network load.

Waiting for the withdrawal: Instant mode. Income

All operations on the site are carried out in automatic and instant mode with a possible delay of up to 3 minutes. In exceptional circumstances, e.g. for technical reasons, the withdrawal may take a little bit more time. You are guaranteed to receive a money transfer within 24 hours.

Problem solving: What should I do if no profit is accrued or I cannot withdraw funds? Income

If you have any difficulties with tracking your profit in your personal profile, or if you need help with withdrawals, please contact our support team by e-mail at, via the feedback form or by opening the online operator window on the site. We will be happy to help you with any questions.

Business cooperation: We pay up to 25% of the attracted investments Affiliate program

By having an account at, you are a potential Partner of the platform; we have provided a partnership section in the profile of each client. In order to start earning money on the affiliate program it is enough to share your referral link with your friends. We will pay you up to 25% of each deposit attracted (including reinvestment of profit from the balance), and up to 10%-5% of the investments made by second and third level referrals.

Referral link: Partner’s unique identifier Affiliate program

You will find your unique referral link to attract investors on the “Partners” page or in the partnership section of the “Dashboard” page. Immediately after registration, a new user who clicks a unique link becomes a partner within your referral structure, and the participants invited by him/her become your second- and third-level referrals.

Partnership income: Accrual of the fee to the balance Affiliate program

We will credit your account balance at the moment of activation of the invited investor deposit. Money received under the affiliate program is already ready to be transferred to your wallet in any available way.

Note: The fee is paid to the balance of the payment system or the cryptocurrency in which the referral’s funds are invested.

Referrals: Partner management and accruals tracking Affiliate program

The “Partners” page of your personal profile displays all the necessary data for convenient management of partners.

Promotional materials: Branded banners Affiliate program

For our partners, we have developed official advertising banners of standard sizes designed in the style of Adex Capital project and prepared to be placed on the website. The banners are published in the “Partners” page of your personal profile.