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We are cryptocurrency trading experts that have developed profitable algorithmic robots for individual and institutional clients worldwide. We are proud that our clients make profit in the exciting world of cryptocurrency. You can take part in the world’s largest financial market with our help.

Main values

We work hard to earn your trust through the years by generating profits for you. Here at Adex Capital, we are proud to connect our clients to the promising world of digital currencies. Every day, we provide our clients with a safe trading experience via our algorithmic robots.

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Thousands of people worldwide trust their finances to Adex Capital
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Our partners are the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Our robots make profits for our clients on Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Kraken, and others.

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Public roadmap

Our roadmap

Adex Capital has ambitious goals.

Completed trading robot development.

We have been developing our algorithmic robot for a very long time because of our desire to make it of high quality. We consulted a lot with developers who have over 10 years of experience in the suchlike areas. After a lot of improvements, we finally finished its development.

Closed testing and debugging of the robot

Later, we discovered a number of bugs that needed to be fixed. Because of this, the release of our algorithmic robot to the market was delayed. Nevertheless, it allowed us to send a robot of a pretty good quality to the market.

Investors platform launch

After making sure the high quality of our algorithmic robot, we developed a website for investors. It also took quite a long time to develop, because we were constantly improving it to make it as clear and convenient for visitors to use.

Completed robot integration with API of different exchanges

We plan to finish the integration of our algorithmic robot with the API of all cryptocurrency exchanges. This will allow our algorithmic robot to trade on 10 or 15 cryptocurrency exchanges simultaneously.

Brand development and commercial franchises launch

After our robot demonstrates high profitability to a large number of investors, we plan to develop our brand and sell franchises. This will allow our algorithmic robot to help more people.

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